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About Us

Company Information is wholly owned by Creative Vision Inc. We started offering Internet presence services in December 1999 and has built a client base of over one thousand customers from over 60 countries.

We have developed key strategic partnerships to ensure the constant delivery of up-to-date high quality equipment and service.

Our technical support team utilizes a live server monitoring system to help anticipate potential problems in our systems, servers and networks. We aim to be proactive, and not reactive, in correcting problems before they happen. Our technical support staff is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We have done everything possible to maintain high network availability with redundant hardware using the latest technology.

Technical Information

We are connected to 4 major International providers, Sprintlink, Telia, BT and Level3. The connection is 2Gbps + 2x622Mbps (upgradeable up to 10GBps or more) and it's fully redundant and multi homed (if one provider comes down, it will work on another one within a second). Please note that we do not use Cogent crap lines (nor as a backup!) as well as Verio network, so your site will be fast and available everywhere. Currently we handle tens of millions accesses without a problem, so if your business grows up, we will be able to satisfy all your needs!

All our servers run on the Slackware Linux (the most stable Linux version) with latest version of Apache web server. We use Intel technology and SCSI based servers plus Cisco technology - there is simply no better and more stable combination. We are in neutral facility represented latest technologies with high-standard security services like air-condition, security guard, backup energy source, diesel generator, anti fire alarm/protection (gas FM 200) and more.

The proof of our new power is that we give out low-cost hosting offering 99.9% uptime guarantee, zero packet loss!

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